Generation Of Computer


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Generation Of Computer

Generation of Computers

The Term 'Computer Generation' is often used in relation to the hardware of computers, Each phase of computer development is known as a separate generation of computers. Each phase of computer development is known as a separate generation of computers

First Generation of Computers:-

The computers invented and used between 1940 and 1955 are called computers of "First Generation" the very First general purpose electronic computer was ENIAC. It was built by John Mauchley and J.Presper Eckert. The First Generation computers were very large and heave. They have very large vacuum tubes. Their speeds were very slow and have small storage system.

  • Used Vacuum Tubes
  • Big and Clumsy computers
  • Electricity consumption High
  • Large Air conditioners were necessary because the computers generated heat

Second Generation of Computers:-

The Computers after 1955 are known as second generation computers. The electronic Vacuum tubes were replaced by Transistors. These were much smaller in size and were faster. IBM 1401, IBM 1620, IBM 7090 etc. are some commonly used second generation computers.

  •  Used Transistor replaced vacuum tube
  • Computers became smaller
  • Faster Generated less Heat

Third Generation of Computers:-

The computers used after 1960 were said to be third generation computers. In this generation Integrated Circuits (ICs) were used. This reduces the size of computer dramatically. Computers of this generation had multiprogramming facility. 

  • Integrated Circuits Developed
  • Power consumption lower
  • Computers smaller, faster and more reliable
  • High level languages appeared

Fourth Generation of Computers:-

The Fourth generation of computers was produced after 1970. The computers of this generation used Microprocessors on a Silicon Chip. A Microprocessor performs all the logical functions in a computer. It has made computer very fast, efficient and small in size. Computers of this generation are designed to work efficiently with High Level
  • Integrated Circuits, smaller and faster
  • Micro computer series such as IBM and APPLE developed
  • Different types of Secondary Memory with High storage capacity and fast access developed

Fifth Generation of Computers:-

The Fifth generations of computers involve the concept of Artificial Intelligence which makes the computer think like human beings. The intelligence of these computers will be greatly improved to make logical and sensible decisions like human beings.
  • Superconductors, Artificial Inelegance
  • Parallel Processing
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